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The latest OUTPUNK is great!

Just got the latest issue of OUTPUNK zine (#6) and it's really good. This issue is basicly a compilation of stuff from other queer zines that the editor, Matt, has read over the years and it demonstrates how creative and talented and thoughtful a lot of us can be.

There are full-page (or better) articles, cartoons, and rants from over 30 zines in this issue ; altogether, it's over 70 pages long. Some of the zines Matt includes are long-gone, while others are still being published.

While most everything is good, my favorites are a great cartoon trashing William S. Burroughs from Double Bill, a very good lesson on sexism from Bikini Kill, a Hollywood celebrity/gossip/People mag-type piece on the REAL Peppermint Patty from Carrie, and some great interviews Vaginal Creme Davis did with Glenn Danzig and Fugazi in Shrimp.

OUTPUNK can be ordered for the measly price of $2 from

POB 170501
San Francisco, CA, 94117

You can email them at
Outpunk also sells some good music by bands like Sister George, Behead The Prophet, and Mulkiteo Fairies. Check 'em out.

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