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Hey, hey and welcome, people.
ZMISSION is a new zine I'm editing and, um, totally creating so far,
but I hope some of you wildly talented
and creative people will contribute some stuff to it too.
After all, I've got a homepage pretty much all about/by me - you can go
there if ya wanna see just who I am.
ZMISSION however will be something different than that I hope
so really email me with all your
great toons, reviews, rants, art, whatever.
It doesn't have to be queer-specific - I'm interested in all
kinds of stuff. I can't promise you that I will absolutely
use everything everybody sends
(that would be a pretty stupid promise to make)
but if it's not bigoted crap or really dumb, then I will
more than likely try to get it in here.
I will write back to everybody who sends something
except if it IS bigoted stupid crap.
So read on...hope you like it.



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ZMISSION was last updated on December 20, 1996.